About Us

RiskEng are leaders in the delivery of industrial fire and risk engineering solutions across highly hazardous and chemical industries.

For facilities storing, handling and processing highly hazardous, toxic, flammable and reactive chemicals, the development of a safe work environment, protecting occupants and critical infrastructure is paramount to an organisation’s operations. Through competent professional engineering RiskEng assists its clients to ensure all aspects of a facility’s design, its work practices and emergency preparedness are appropriate to protect occupants and critical infrastructure.

By partnering closely with clients, architects, managing contractors, multi-disciplinary consultancies and operating companies, RiskEng are able to assist with the development of compliant and cost effective industrial fire and risk engineering solutions across a broad range of industries.

Our Services

Fire and Risk Engineering

The Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering team are focused on ensuring the highest standard of safety and compliance across hazardous industries.

Dangerous Goods

The Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering team are accredited in Dangerous Goods by the Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants (AIDGC).

Hazardous Areas

Our team is skilled and accredited in Hazardous Area Classification and Hazardous Area Installation auditing.

MHI Assessments

Our team have assisted numerous Major Hazard Installations (MHI) operators with undertaking MHI Inspections, Risk Assessments and implementing internationally recognised Process Safety Management systems across a wide range of industries.

Risk Facilitation

Our capabilities cover all aspects of risk facilitation from business continuity, corporate governance, Safety in Design, and Process Hazard Analysis across the entire project lifecycle.

Functional Safety

Design for reliability and functional safety is becoming more important in almost all aspects of engineering across hazardous industries. Minimising the probability of failures can significantly improve safety and costs on projects.

Why RiskEng

We are members of a collegiate network in the industrial fire and risk engineering community and recognised as dangerous goods specialists. We have a passion for what we do. We listen to our clients. We balance innovation with sensible, cost effective and simple solutions. We focus on communicating essential advice. We understand that cost control and certainty are key elements of our delivery. These values are ingrained in our philosophy as being our clients’ trusted partner for delivering industrial fire and risk engineering solutions.

Our Industries

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